Sunday, 1 September 2013

Being Positive :)

Now this post is slightly different from my normal posts but I have wanted to write this for a while.
I like to think of myself as a positive bubbly person so I'd like to share with you a few ways I keep upbeat and happy :)

#1 Don't listen to anyone that has anything bad to say about you

At the end of the day most people that do say hurtful things to people are either
-going or have been through a tough time themselves (although this is NO excuse to pot others down).
-Don't have anything else better to do.
-Or don't get attention any other way apart from when you may react to something they say to you.

So don't worry it is never worth taking to heart the hurtful things they say to you (Of course if they are giving you some constructive criticism it's a different matter) Of course if things get bad and you find you cannot cope talk to a teacher,friend or family member because that's what they're there for and bullies should NOT BE TOLERATED !

#2 Take A bath

Now this all sounds very typical of a girl but it is true. If you have had just one of those days where you want to forget about everything or just think things over the bath is the perfect place to do it !
Chuck in a bath bomb (I've heard great things about lush ones)
put on some music to your taste maybe put on a face mask or go the whole hog and put some candles out too ! sit back and let everything that happened that day fade away.

#3 Treat yourself

If there has always been one Lipstick you have been wanting desperately for months or an Xbox game or A top,Pair of shoes anything maybe now is the ideal time to treat your self if you have had a bad week its a great way to just pick yourself back up :P
Now some people may not have much money so maybe treat yourself to a movie day with your friends or go out to a park on a sunny day and lie in the sun (ALWAYS WEAR SUN-CREAM!!!)

#4 There is a positive side to all situations

What I'm trying to say here is that in almost every situation there is always something positive to look at. For example if you have had a really big falling out or argument with one of your closest friends there must have been a reason right ?
You can take a few days or even a day and think what might have caused this was there something about your friend that was bothering you ? like there attitude towards something or the way they spoke to one of your other friends ? After a day or two is the ideal time to talk things through with them as the dust will have settled they will respect you more as a person and more importantly as a friend for telling them this as they can do what they can to change and become a better person and more than likely in time you will become stronger friends than before.

So there are  a few ways I keep upbeat about everyday situations and life really.
Sorry if this post was long winded haha
Please comment below letting me know what you think
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