Monday, 16 September 2013

A little about me and why I started up my blog :)

Now most people reading this will probably think well she started a blog because she wanted to write down her thoughts,Get into the world of blogging,get her opinions across,Review products talk about random things and generally just ramble ! All of these are of course contributing factors to why I started up my blog but there was one big reason I did.

You know when your just having one of those days ?... Well we have all been there and it isn't the most pleasant of things to go through we all know that don't we ? Well I had been feeling like that for about a month,Every bad thing just hit me like a gust of wind one after the other and I had had enough!

With me being the positive person I am I really despised feeling this way and for a long time I had watched my fave you tubers (Which a lot of them have blogs) and one day I just thought to myself why not start a blog ? I can talk for a very long time,I love getting my opinions across about things like different products and discussing them with other people,And I love reading and writing !

It just seemed like the perfect solution to get away from all the madness that was going on in my life and In no way am I suggesting I did this because I had no one to talk to I have Friends who I love dearly and a great family. At the end of the day who loves you more than them ?!.

Well there we go that is finally off my chest and I feel so much better for it. I hope anyone reading this that felt like I did always talk to someone never keep things to yourself and never just use distractions because they only keep you occupied for a limited amount of time.

I hope you all enjoyed this and I shall have a haul for you within the next week love you all
                                                        Sarah xx