Thursday, 5 September 2013

My September Goals !

Now I saw this post on the lovely Lolli K's blog and seen as she mentioned that she'd love to hear what other peoples September goals are I thought I would write a post for you guys and I wanted to do a more talky post (If you get me ! haha ) seen as my Staying positive post had a great response go check it out if you like !

Now sorry for my ramblings ! onto my goals :)

#1 Push myself a little more

Now I didn't used to be the most confident of people but when I started my first year at college last year it brought me out of my shell A LOT !. However I feel I could push myself a bit more to put myself forward for positions like student representative and stuff like that :)

#2 Feel more confident in my college work

As I am a painting and Decorating student at college we do a lot of practical work and sometimes I just stand back,look at my work and think it's rubbish but other people say otherwise,Although I do feel a lot more confident in my work now as I used to I just want to make sure I maintain that feeling really.

#3 Change my nail colour more often

I have a lot of nail polishes that I have accumulated and once I find a shade I'm really fond of I tend to wear it frequently,I want to get out of this habit so that I can use them all up and then.... Well it gives me an excuse to buy more and I absolutely LOVE buying new polishes !

#4 Experiment with my hair more

Mostly my hair is either up in a high pony tail with hair wrapped around the hair band and held in place with a bobby pin and a light spritz of hairspray, Or down with a lil kept back with a bow clip or bobby pins. I hardly ever use heat on my hair but I do want to try out salt spray just to give my hair that little bit more oumph ! and texture. If you guys have any suggestions don't forget to leave them below.

Well I think that's all I have for my September goals please feel free to comment below what you think and if you have any suggestions ! :)