Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello guys !

Now firstly I would like to thank Lorraine from Lolli K for nominating me for this
Go and have a gander at her blog because I guarantee you WILL LOVE HER BLOG !!

What Is the Versatile blogger award ?
  This is award is a way to praise the authors of the blogs you love reading that brighten up your    day,You can empathise with,Have good quality pictures and That you think deserve a little reward so    you nominative your fave blogs for this :)

So what do you do when you find a comment saying you have been nominated ?

# Display this picture and thank who nominated you. THANKYOU AGAIN LORRAINE !! :)

# You then Nominate 15 deserving bloggers with this award and make sure you droop them a comment on there blog to let them know !

# List 7 interesting things about yourself (HERE GOES !)

1. My cat called pearl Well her name evolved from that to. Perlina Merlina Sabrina Tabitha Harrison !
    because I wanted to call my cat Merlin but she was a girl so made it Perlina so it sounded more magical then I thought of Merlina (Gosh I sound bonkers !) then sabrina the teenage witch cause I loved that show and the movie and she has a cat that talks so c'mon ! and tabitha. Well just threw it in there to be honest haha ! and my surname Harrison.

2. I love drawing lots and lots (perhaps a future blog post ?!)

3. I was going to do media makeup at college but ended up choosing painting and decorating
(whaaaat D:)

4. I have always loved Dalmatians since I was about 4 and love the 101/102 Dalmatian's films.

5. I love finding bargains so much I will scour pound shops and all that jazz !

6. I own both a Superdrug Beauty Card and a Boots Advantage Card

7. I am a list addict i'm forever making them about anything and everything !

             So there's 7 facts about me !

I would like to thank Lorraine again for nominating me for this award she's truly amazing make sure you go check out her blog !

My nominees:

Ms Sassy Sparkle
Purple Sparkle
a bit of a neeve
Katie's Beauty World
Everything Has it's beautie
I Am Linderella
Uniqueorn Beauty
[insert witty title here]
Beauty and Beethoven
Kiss me before flight
Lotty's Luxuries - a beauty blog
Pretty Panda
Beauty and more by Pilar :)

I love all of my fellow bloggers and I felt really welcomed into the blogging community straight away
           that is all for now sarah xxx