Monday, 26 August 2013

Back to School/College/University !

Now as we all know it's back to school and college soon. Yawn 1 yes,yes I know you don't want to hear it,But in many ways going back to school or starting at college or University is a positive thing !

If you have had a tough time that you want to put behind you or just feel like a change in yourself it's the perfect opportunity to do so !
You can get new stuff like a new Bag,Clothes,Stationary well it's an excuse for shopping isn't it and who's going to complain about that ? Well certainly NOT me ! haha XD

As I know myself for some people going to a new environment is really daunting and worrying, I was very quiet in school and kept my self to myself and due to that many people walked over me and I didn't really enjoy school at all (which is disappointing because if I was the way I am now in college as I am in school I'm sure I would have loved it) but as I was saying. It is a great opportunity to become a new you and that is exactly what I did I decided enough was enough with being walked all over. If you are really shy then just think well I'm going to a new place so nobody will even know I'm shy anyway ! for all they know you could be super confident so go ahead and be that person !

I'm so sorry for these ramblings on but i have wanted to do a post like this for a while and with it being back to school I found it the perfect chance to do so :)

I thought as I'm writing about back to school I'd show you what I've picked up for going back to college,Now as I do Painting and Decorating (I know not your typical girl subject !) I don't really need much stationary so what I get I like to be fun,quirky and have my personality in it so here's what I got :)
 YOGO folder from Whsmith Was in the sale for 99p BARGAIN !
 MARVEL A5 Notebook Also in the sale at Sainburys for £2.99
 Flower soft feel leather A5 notebook from a store near me called you and me for £1
Animal print pens sorry ones missing I couldn't resist using it ! it was Leopard print you and me £1

So that's all from me sorry it was such a long post I've probably bored your poor brains out ! please let me know if you liked this and comment anything you would like to see from me more in posts :)