Monday, 4 November 2013

Empties !

Hello Lovelies!,
                      Well I haven't wrote one of these posts before and seen as I have accumulated a few empty product tubes and bottles I decided to do one as it's seems fun ! So let's crack on.

This is a quick Snap of the products I have used up :)

So from left to right: Natural collection vanilla body wash and a Mango and papaya one, Natural
collection mango and Papaya body lotion, Balance me pure skin face wash, No7 Protect and perfect intense Day Hand Cream, Trevor Sorbie long hair serum for stressed ends, Soft & Gentle Verbena&Water-Lilly Anti-White Marks Deodorant and Clean&Clear Blackhead clearing Cleanser.

So first up is the Natural Collection Body wash and the Mango and Papaya one. I love these body washes they are so nourishing and they also lather up really quickly and you don't need to use a lot of the product for it to do that which it great and may I add they both smell amazing !! I will certainly be re-purchasing these at full size as I got these as a gift with the strawberry one for my birthday at gift size if you get me ! haha.

Natural Collection Mango and Papaya body Lotion, I really liked how creamy and thick this was especially as it is approaching full blown winter weather soon ! They aren't for people who like to moisturise then get dressed straight away as they do take a few minutes to sink into your skin, but I really feel like they moisturise your skin and if used with the wash and also the sprays you can buy along side them, They will keep you smelling fruity all day.

Balance me Pure Skin Face Wash, This is a sample size from GLAMOUR magazine a while back and I think this product is amazing it is very refreshing and lovely to use on your skin in the morning to make you feel more awake and 'With it '. You also do not need to use a lot for it to lather up so therefore makes up for how much it costs for a face wash at full size. I cannot remember the price but I remember looking it up and thinking 'OUCH!' but if I had more money I would consider using this as my daily facial wash as it kept my skin feeling fresh,Clear of spots and smells great !.

No7 Protect and Perfect intense Day Hand Cream, This was also A sample size I received in a No7 gift set last year for Christmas,There isn't really much to say about it I like it but there are Lot's more hand creams out there at a more reasonable price that do the same job.

Trevor Sorbie long hair serum for stressed ends, I saw this a few months back in a little bargain shop near where I live and it just caught my eye as it was tiny and had big bold pink font on the bottle,As I picked it up I read what it was and thought 'Great it's just for me'. As at the time I was having trouble with the ends of my hair breaking. Since using this my hair has been great. I will re purchase this if I see it next time I bob in.

Soft&Gentle Verbena&Water-Lilly Anti-White Marks Deodorant, There isn't really much to say about this either it's a deodorant up there with my fave which is the Nivea Black and white protection one, It smells lovely and actually does what it says and doesn't leave white marks ! because there is nothing worse than wearing a black vest top and having white rings underneath your arms !

Clean&Clear Blackhead clearing Cleanser, I love this product I think I first discovered it last year when I was having a really bad time with Blackheads especially around my nose and I sometimes still do now but not as often but when I do I automatically reach for this and it keeps them at bay and also deep cleanses your skin and helps to draw out any excess dirt or makeup trapped inside your skin which is a contributing factor to the reason we sometimes get blackheads.

So that is all guys ! I really hope you enjoyed reading this let me know what you think in the comments section down below I read and reply to every single one of them !
                                                             Sarah xx

Monday, 28 October 2013

The Importance of having a positive outlook on life.

Hello Lovelies !,
                       I have done a couple of these 'DEEP' Posts and I always get such great feedback so I thought why not throw another one out there on the world of blogging !

We all have those days where we just think 'Why do I bother?' , 'I'm not good enough!' and 'Why is it always me ?'
 Especially if you are having a tough time at school,Going through a breakup with a Girlfriend or boyfriend (I know when I went through a break up a few months ago I thought all of these things and sometimes still do, I just fight back the tears keep my head high and think 'There are plenty more fish in the sea and It's his loss')

(If you guys would like a post from me on how to deal with the sensitive subject of breakups PLEASE COMMENT BELOW !).

Ooops ! went of the track a bit there silly me but yeah if your having a tough time at school,work or going through any other problems it is easy more than easy in fact to think those things about yourself and become a negative person. But when you become negative it's very difficult to dig yourself back out of that horrid place and sometimes you can make the other people around you that care feel negative and down in the dumps too,and we don't want that do we !?.
So really this post is just getting across the point about the importance of being positive try to take every situation and challenge thrown at you and use it to your advantage,For example if your boss or teacher gives you a harder task to be getting on with they obviously think that you are perfectly capable of doing it. So just crack on and who knows you could get a promotion out of it or get moved up into a higher class :) see there is a positive to almost everything !

Well that's all for now I hope to be doing something interesting for Halloween so then I can blog it for you guys but if not I'm sure I will have something else to keep to you all occupied !
I'm off to grab a hot chocolate now (Yayyy!) and relax reading some of my fave blogs. I hope you liked this and don't forget to comment if you would like a blog post on how to deal with break ups or any other requests you may have for me on the tips of your tongues !
                           Byeee :) SARAH xx

Monday, 21 October 2013

Favorites !

Hello Lovelies !
                      Again I apologise for not posting for a while as I explained in one of my previous posts I have been back at college and its been choca blocka busy !
As it in a kinda in the middle of the month date I'm not going to do a monthly favorites I'm just going to do my fave's in general I hope you enjoy ! :)

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation.
 Now I cannot recommend this foundation enough ! I absolutely love love love it ! I'd say it has medium coverage and you build it up I really like the fact it has almost light reflecting pigments in that that just give your skin that youthful dewy glow. I wouldn't recommend it for oily skin as it almost highlights spots. If you do have oily skin although I haven't tried it the new Rimmel stay matte foundation :)

Yankee Candle Samplers:
These are great ! there fab if you are new to Yankee candles or just candles in general like me I was never really bothered about having a candle on the go but when my friend put one of these mini ones in with my birthday gift I became hooked instantly. They are great if you just want to know what a certain scent is like before you buy the bigger one and there just cute aren't they ?!
Here's the link for where you can buy then or just have a browse !

The Body Shop Born lippy balms:
I own the Pink berry one of these and I cannot rave about them enough ! they feel sooo smooth and nourishing on your lips and leave a slight tint too and they smell DIVINE !!!

No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara :
I love this mascara it is amazing and it makes your lashes look so much longer I have received it in sample size in little gift sets twice now and I always forget to purchase it I also really like the wand as it separates your lashes out great and leaves no clumps ! All round a great mascara !
Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturiser:
I'm really bad at moisturising my face 'I know bad smack on hand!' haha but I just really dislike the horrible gooey feeling and having to wait for it to soak into my skin before putting my makeup on but I found this. Yay my new holy grail product! It also prevents spots and blemishes so covers all bases !
Nivea Body Firming Moisturiser :
This moisturiser is great it soaks in so quick which is such a positive and also like all Nivea products smells Amazing ! It also says it firms your skin which I think is true to a certain extent it certainly moisturises your skin and i think it does make your skin feel stronger if you get me haha ! I sound like a bloody nutter strong skin WOO !
Well that's a few of my faves I hope you have enjoyed don't forget to comment and follow me on bloglovin if you like this post ! :)
                                          Thanks for reading,
                                                                      sarah xxx

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Halloween inspired outfit

Autumn <3

Natural eye look with Striking red lip


Friday, 11 October 2013


As promised here is a post for you guys !
 Now this post is dedicated to my readers really,When I started this blog In July I never thought I'd get anywhere never mind a comment on my first post ever by the lovely LolliK
Go and check out her blog she's fab and her posts are great :)
So yeah really this post is just to say thank-you for all of your comments your page views and being fellow bloggers.
In July I wasn't feeling myself at all and having this blog has just made me feel a lot more comfortable in my self really,Although 34 Followers on my blog isn't a lot compared to some more successful people...but I love every single one of you and everyone has to start somewhere. I'm so chuffed I decided to create my blog,My own little plot of land if you like to type all types of everything .

Thank-you again lovelies and please feel free to comment down below, I always read and reply to all my comments and leave suggestions for posts in the future !
           OVER AND OUT ! <3

Thursday, 10 October 2013

I'm still on the planet guys !

This is just a super quick post to let all you guys know that I'm still here.
I apologise greatly for not posting sooner but since I have been back at college my life has been hectic I promise there will be a post soon for you to dig your teeth into I apologise again guys I love you all ! <3

Friday, 27 September 2013

Shopping Haul MY FIRST HAUL POST !!

Hello everyone ! ,
                          Now as promised for a while I have been mentioning I had a haul coming up for you                             guys,My lovely readers oh how I love you ! So without further ado here is my first Haul post.

I do love mt shopping and I feel when I go I have earnt few treats by saving up my money so when my friend needed to go into town ( Manchester,If anyone is familiar i'm sure some of you are) I thought to my self. 'I've done well saving why not have a little shop around and see what goodies I find and then I can do a post for you guys. I didn't even break the bank I think I spent around the twenty mark and came home with £7 so was chuffed with myself !

My first purchase I was very exited about I had heard of Lush but ever since reading the lovely 
Lolli K's post on her Lush face mask I was super eager to try it out !! as soon as I walked into the store I wondered how I was ever going to get out. It smelt that amazing I didn't want to leave ! So I picked up the Spacegirl bath bomb and it was only £2.25 ! 
I would also like to mention that they are very much against animal testing and the bath bomb packaging and also the bags have this logo on them :) 
It is super sparkly and can't wait to try it out it has almost a citrus scent to it but i'm awful at describing scents so go check out their website :)  

I cannot remember what order of shops I went in so this could be all higeldy piggeldy hehe!
 Now I have wanted this brush for as long as I can remember and I am so glad I finally bought it ! I love it,It gives a great coverage and is super soft ! I highly recommend this brush for anyone who needs a new foundation brush or is starting to get interested in makeup :) £9.99 Boots
 Now the good old pound shop I didn't half find some great products in there ! Rimmel glam eyes Traffic stopping eye shadow trio Poundworld £1
 Just so you guys can see the colours a little better
 Here are the swatches,I was slightly disappointed with there pigmentation and I felt that I had to use quite a few brush fulls of product to build up the colour but that could be my old but faithful No7 brush I need to invest in new eye brushes. Any suggestions that arent too pricey ? :)
 REVLON nail enamel in the shade mischievous 360 Poundland £1
 I absolutely love the colour and it only took one coat to paint my nail, Sorry about my horrid nails ! I'm in the process of trying to grow them but with what I do at college it just doesn't happen :(
 Oh MUA how I love you and your lippy's ! this is the shade 16 Nectar It's such a lovely coral colour and I just love it ! Superdrug £1
 Here is a Swatch of the lovely lippy :3
 Maybelline Pure-Cover Mineral Concealer in the shade 02 Natural
 Garnier Fructis Strengthen and shine 2 in 1 Shampoo and conditioner Bodycare £1
My friend recommended for me to buy this and I'm so glad she did because it has left my hair feeling fresh nourished and shiny ! Does exactly what it says on the tin !.... Well Bottle
 So Lip balms I love the SO...? body sprays so when I saw these I just didn't want to leave them I wasn't expecting them to be that great but I love the colours and they smell just divine ! Poundland £1

Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Lightweight Nourishing spray, I first came across the aqua light range through watching one of Zoella's empties video's and she had used up the shampoo and Conditioner from this range. What drew me in was that it was said to be so lightweight it's like there's no product in your hair and I fully agree it has left my hair feeling so nourished and shiny,It looks a little strange in the container but you shake it up and both the liquids mix together then after you have used it it settles back to it's congealed self. Poundworld £1 

 This was on offer in Superdrug so I had to pick it up as I hadn't tried this one out and I love the scent and am wondering why I haven't purchased this before ! Superdrug £1.49
 Boot's Natural Collection Mango and Papaya body spray, This literally makes my mouth water every time I spray it I love it so much and will certainly be repurchasing it when t runs out ! I'm also going to try out the scrub I think. Boot's £2
 Last but not least this lovely Bow now anyone that knows me knows my addiction with bows I don't Know what it is bout it but I just can't resist a good bow ! They go with almost everything and suit everyone and in the sale you just can't refuse it is also as smooth as a baby's behind ! Peacocks £1

That is the end of my very first haul blog post ! I'm sorry if it was long and give your self a pat on the back if you made it to the very end thank you lot's for reading.
Don't forget to comment down below and Follow me with Bloglovin if you like :)