Friday, 6 September 2013

Pound shop beauty finds !

Yes you did read it right your eyes are not deceiving you !
I have found many a great thing in the pound shop that is branded like Revlon,Rimmel and NYC.

Some people do not like to buy beauty products from the pound shops and I do understand them as they may think that they are fake or out of date, but Nothing I have ever purchased from there has ever preformed any differently from the ones you can buy at Boots and Superdrug, They have never smelt funny or given me any rashes or anything ! The only effect they had was on my purse, It had more money in it !! hehe :)

Here are a few bits I have picked up from the pound shop in town.

From left to right: Rimmel London volume flash mascara,Rimmel Wake Me Up Instant Radiance shimmer touch (like a creme blush with highlight),Rimmel London stay glossy lip-gloss, Rimmel London Kate Moss lasting Finish lipstick,Calvin Klein tempting glitter sheer creme eyeshadow,NYC Glossy Lip Balm and NYC Waterproof eyeliner pencil.

So what are you waiting for ?! All of these products are mostly £5 or more in Superdrug or Boots,You could get 5 things for the price of what you would have paid for one. Or save the money towards a more expensive product that you have had your beady eye on.

That's all for now I hope you enjoyed this let me know if you have ever found anything in your local poundshop.

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Love you all over and out Sarah ! xx