Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Well a review I think haha :)

So I have  few different ideas floating around in my head for blog posts, So here's just one.
So I had a bath (I know your thinking why do we need to know this but it jogged my brain along and was an opportunity to try out some products and so decided to review them)

The products I used was the 'Radox' uplifting shower gel in the scent pink Grapefruit and Basil. (I always want to say flavor,although if I did taste there 'flavor something tells me they would be as tasty as they smell...) I also used the 'Soap and glory' 'Scrub of your life' body buffer/scrub. Aswell I also used the Clarins gentle foaming cleanser to well 'cleanse' my face After my bath.

So first up the Radox Shower gel in the sent Pink Grapefruit and Basil.

The aspect that first attracted me to this was the whacking Grapefruit on the bottle,As I'm a sucker for Grapefruits and Colour which leads on to my second aspect that drew my eyeballs towards this shower gel as the product itself is pink (As you would assume), But I gave it a good old whiff and was like "righty ho ! that's coming home with me ! :P "
  It was also only a thrifty 90p something could have been 97p or 98p or even 94p oh that is gonna bug me now !
As it was only this much I wasn't expecting flawless amounts of lovely nourishment but I really liked it :)
 It made you feel 'uplifted' (again as the bottle suggests) and refreshed but at the same time relaxed and of course squeaky clean. "Well got to be fresh as a daisy haven't we ?!"

Anyway enough rambling on with that onto my second product which is... The 'Soap and glory' 'Scrub of your life' Body scrub/buffer. As this was a much appreciated birthday present from my lovely friend it was in a lovely 'Soap and glory' gift set so is travel size. I think you can buy these handy travel size ones from 'Boots' For £2.50p
I have never purchased 'Soap and Glory' before and at the age of 17 I have to say I am disgusted with myself for depriving my skin from this divine smelling and all round amazing brand. I have always wanted to try it because I have only heard positive things about it. (Now I know why !) and because I absolutely love the whole Vintage/Retro theme of the whole brand.
But sorry back to the actual effectiveness of the product, Sorry for my RaNd0M Ramblings hehe ;)
I loved the fact that it wasn't just the exfoliant in a shower gel like formula (Although i like those too). It was very foamy and creamy and when all rinsed off was very nourishing and my skin felt rather Lovely ! :D

My final product was my facial cleanser which was the 'Clarins' Gentle foaming cleanser. (This was also a gift just incase you was wondering)
I love this product a lot lot lot !!!!
Just the way it reacts with the water on your skin and transforms into this creamy,foamy,dreamy,smooth Mask like lovely face wash. And WOWZERS ! when you rinse it off your face your skin feels as soft as a baby's bottom.

Anyway that's all from me hope you enjoyed this post feel free to comment !

Thanks for reading <3

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

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Monday, 29 July 2013

My day :P

So I know this is my second post today but I thought I'd let you know what to expect. I will soon be going into town so will post about things I have bought that day and I have bought things recently too so will post those products/Items too :3

Anyway my day today (As suggested in the title) I'm not sure if anyone would be paticulary interested in my day but as I'm a newbie here goes :)

I haven't done much really but if you live in Stockport you might have seen the weather at around 2:30pm ish and if you didn't I'll explain. Me and my mum was in Sainsburys 'As you do ya'know' and it was raining slightly as we entered the store but after gathering a few bits the rain (Well we thought it was rain ! o: ) Absolutely leathered it down ! and you could not even here anyone talking i couldn't even hear my mum and she was stood right next to me 'well as you would expect haha !'
     Then the power went off and the lights was flickering and i assume the tills went down aswell there was even rain coming in from the roof ! :0
In the end we had to leave our shopping and all the customers had to leave !

So as you know I'm a newbie if you could be very lovely people please comment to let me know what you think if my blog !! and how you stumbled across it ?.

It would be really nice for me to hear your views and if you like leave me suggestions of what posts you would like to see from me. Maybe a 'Whats in my bag?' or my 'Monthly favorites' please comment and hope you enjoy my ramblings on ! :D

Well Where to start really :3

I don't know where to start really i guess hello to whoever may be reading this (which i doubt there is right now and if there is then I'm very surprised and grateful !) would be a good start sooo... HELLO !! XD

As this is the first time I have ever created a blog and posted I'm a total newbie I thought I would create one as I absolutely love to watch you tube videos by Wonderful people such as Zoella
Sprinkle of glitter aka Louise
Daily Mix
Jim Chapman
Tanya Burr

And therefore went on to searching up their blogs and thought 'Why not give it a  try my self!?' as I'm into all these things and I'm a bit mad so to some of you reading this my ease your boredom or you might actually be enjoying it. Which obviously I hope you are (If there is anyone reading this that is!) I'm not sure where I'm going with this blog I guess I'll just post random things about what I get up to in the day whether it be watching you tube videos or playing Xbox or been shopping and have things to show you.

So that's it for now feel free to comment :3