Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Beauty on a Budget !

Sorry it has been a while sine i wrote a blog post I feel awful !
Anyway to the point,
   We all know that sometimes adding to our makeup collections and buying the bare necessities for our beauty regimes Isn't always the most beneficial thing for our poor purses and bank balances !
So here are a few things I find useful to help me feel like i'm stocked up on my essentials.

Cheaper priced makeup brands.

Now we all know that everyone loves NARS,MAC and other high end makeup brands but some people just simply can't afford to buy this makeup or would like to try similar products to the high end ones in the lower price range to see if the high end is worth purchasing for themselves !
There are many cheaper and amazing brands out there like Rimmel,Sleek,Maybelline,
MUA(Make Up Academy) and many more.
For example i love the Rimmel 'Wake Me Up' foundation I find it has great coverage for my skin and leaves my skin with a dewy look to it which is great for summer ! :D
The brand Make Up Academy (Which I think is exclusive to Superdrug) has Lipsticks they are highly pigmented and leave your lips feeling nourished. I have two of the MUA Lipsticks one in shade 13 Which is a vibrant red and shade 14 which is lovely nude shade. Both of these are £1 BARGAIN !! The only downfall i find with the MUA lipsticks especially in the more vibrant shades is that because they don't stain they can smudge easily but overall they are a great lipstick and don't forget only £1. :)
I also own a cream concealer from MUA which I find has great coverage and is perfect for dark circles under the eyes and any blemishes you may have. This is £1.50

 This is me wearing shade 13 :)

Freebies !

Now everybody loves a freebie don't they ?!
You can get great free gifts like lip glosses and hand cream and face wash in magazines Like 'GLAMOUR'
'GLAMOUR' magazine also has samples inside mostly of shampoos but they are good if you was considering to buy the full sized bottle to see if it is right for your hair.

Shopping Cards

The Boots advantage card and the Superdrug Beauty card are a fabulous way to get more for your money. With the Boots card you get 4 point for every £1 you spend in store or online whereas with the superdrug card you only get 1 point for every £1 you spend instore or online but 1 point is better than no point right ?
On both cards for every 100 points you have on your card that is £1 to spend on whatever you please
Plus the Supderdrug card has a mirror on the front which is really handy !

Anyway that's all from me I hope you found it beneficial.
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