Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Naked Face Campaign

So I meant to write this a while back but I was plucking up the courage and seen as though I have nothing to review I thought I'd do this.
The idea of the Naked face campaign is to show that everybody has imperfections and things that they do and don't like about themselves,Lets get started there are three things I'm going to do...
1.List 3 things I DO and DON'T like about my self and why
2.Post a picture of my Naked face ! :0
3.Tag some people to do it aswell !

I'm going to start with the positives :) 3 Things I like about my appearance.
1: My eyes I just generally like my eye colour and I get compliments on them more than anything else about myself so they must be something going right there haha !
2: The fact that I don't really get spots (pretty clear skin) I only tend to get spots if I'm really stressed out to the max so I'm happy about that.
3: My lips I just like the shape of my lips and i think that they are quite full so I'm pleased to have my lips :3
3 Things I don't like about myself
1:I don't like how sometimes (and it tends to be in the summer) how my skin goes really oily as it's just not very attractive.
2: The redness of my skin with no makeup on although I know this is easily fixed with makeup and other products I go through phases of this redness.
3:I dislike how thin my hair is because it just looks a bit flat sometimes although I'm grateful it's not too thick.
That's me !!
And finally I tag Every single one of you reading this to do this and of course feel in no way pressured not everyone is confident enough and believe me a few years ago I really would not have done this with the problems I had with not thinking positive and low self esteem and confidence and now I'm pretty much the opposite I'm positive As much as I can ! (If you would like to know how i stay positive and happy feel free to comment!) I always read them and love seeing you replying and reading :) 
Thanks for reading as always love to you all ! xx