Monday, 28 October 2013

The Importance of having a positive outlook on life.

Hello Lovelies !,
                       I have done a couple of these 'DEEP' Posts and I always get such great feedback so I thought why not throw another one out there on the world of blogging !

We all have those days where we just think 'Why do I bother?' , 'I'm not good enough!' and 'Why is it always me ?'
 Especially if you are having a tough time at school,Going through a breakup with a Girlfriend or boyfriend (I know when I went through a break up a few months ago I thought all of these things and sometimes still do, I just fight back the tears keep my head high and think 'There are plenty more fish in the sea and It's his loss')

(If you guys would like a post from me on how to deal with the sensitive subject of breakups PLEASE COMMENT BELOW !).

Ooops ! went of the track a bit there silly me but yeah if your having a tough time at school,work or going through any other problems it is easy more than easy in fact to think those things about yourself and become a negative person. But when you become negative it's very difficult to dig yourself back out of that horrid place and sometimes you can make the other people around you that care feel negative and down in the dumps too,and we don't want that do we !?.
So really this post is just getting across the point about the importance of being positive try to take every situation and challenge thrown at you and use it to your advantage,For example if your boss or teacher gives you a harder task to be getting on with they obviously think that you are perfectly capable of doing it. So just crack on and who knows you could get a promotion out of it or get moved up into a higher class :) see there is a positive to almost everything !

Well that's all for now I hope to be doing something interesting for Halloween so then I can blog it for you guys but if not I'm sure I will have something else to keep to you all occupied !
I'm off to grab a hot chocolate now (Yayyy!) and relax reading some of my fave blogs. I hope you liked this and don't forget to comment if you would like a blog post on how to deal with break ups or any other requests you may have for me on the tips of your tongues !
                           Byeee :) SARAH xx