Friday, 11 October 2013


As promised here is a post for you guys !
 Now this post is dedicated to my readers really,When I started this blog In July I never thought I'd get anywhere never mind a comment on my first post ever by the lovely LolliK
Go and check out her blog she's fab and her posts are great :)
So yeah really this post is just to say thank-you for all of your comments your page views and being fellow bloggers.
In July I wasn't feeling myself at all and having this blog has just made me feel a lot more comfortable in my self really,Although 34 Followers on my blog isn't a lot compared to some more successful people...but I love every single one of you and everyone has to start somewhere. I'm so chuffed I decided to create my blog,My own little plot of land if you like to type all types of everything .

Thank-you again lovelies and please feel free to comment down below, I always read and reply to all my comments and leave suggestions for posts in the future !
           OVER AND OUT ! <3