Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Keeping cheery through January !

Now we all know money's tight post Christmas don't we ?
And sometimes let's face it we are to ourselves too, Not giving ourselves time to relax and treat ourselves because were trying to build up the money again working recklessly after christmas.

I just like to have little pamper sessions now and then at least once a week I think is about right but if you have enough time why not do it as frequently as you can ? because the happier you are the more motivated you are and we need that in the new year !

The first thing i do is pick out some nail polish to either do in the bath and let it dry while relaxing or do it after.
The next thing I do is get the bath running then remove all my makeup using The simple Kind to skin cleansing lotion and toner with cotton pads.
And then Tah Dahh !! Make up free face :) 
I will then grab a candle this is the soft cotton yankee candle in sampler size. 
 The final thing to do is the most exitign dive in the bath... Well don't literally you might hurt yourself and it wouldn't be very practical ! but soak yourself away to a lovely paradise and maybe even make a bath playlist on your phone Ipod or MP3 player and have a sing song !

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Love to you all !
                       Sarah xx