Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Guess who's back yes me !! reasons and my favorite bargain beauty finds !!

Well hey guys I guess !!,
                                     Sorry I haven't posted for a while I have just been swimming in work from college and my part time job !!. I've had posts planned for ages but just had no chances to actually finalise them and post them so I very much apologise for that. Before I go on with myself anyway heres why I'm here to post.

This is just a quick post to share with you some of my favourite beauty bargain finds !

From left to right: Clean an clear dual action moisturiser, Babyliss hair brush Natural collection pressed powder, NYC lip balm, BarryM gloss,NYC Lip tint, Rimmel wake me up highlighter MUA brow pencil .

All of these products was under £5 yes £5 !! 

First of all the moisturiser is only £3 I think full price and is available from most high street stores like boots,Superdrug but I got mine from asda. It's just a really light refreshing moisturiser that also claims to prevent blemishes and I believe it does.

The Hair brush is a bit of a random one to rave about but I just really like it! it doesn't pull my hair out and seems t always make my hair super soft when I use it. The best part it that is was only £2 if I remember correctly from home bargains. 

The NYC lip stain/tint and balm,the BarryM gloss and the rimmel highlighter are all from the pound shop which I was delighted with when I found these because I didn't own a BarryM gloss before this one and I wanted to save on my mini benefit sunbeam highlighter.

The MUA Brow pencil I hate as that but I like it as a liner for just thickening up my lash line on the lid of my eye.... Does that even make sense ? HAHA ! 

Finally the Natural collection pressed powder I don't like as much as my Stay Matte from Rimmel but I still think that it is a good powder especially if you are on a budget or just getting into makeup But with it retailing at £1.99 and stay matte at £3.99 it doesn't last half as long so you may aswell pay nearly an extra £2 and get a better quality pressed powder that keeps oil at bay all day and lasts for months!

That Is all from me for now I just wanted to post this while I had a spare few moments because goodness knows when my next little break will be !

I hope you all had a wonderful christmas and A Happy New Year and I love you all don't forget to comment below and follow if you like this post for many more like it ! See you all soon.

                                               Sarah ^-^ xx