Monday, 29 July 2013

My day :P

So I know this is my second post today but I thought I'd let you know what to expect. I will soon be going into town so will post about things I have bought that day and I have bought things recently too so will post those products/Items too :3

Anyway my day today (As suggested in the title) I'm not sure if anyone would be paticulary interested in my day but as I'm a newbie here goes :)

I haven't done much really but if you live in Stockport you might have seen the weather at around 2:30pm ish and if you didn't I'll explain. Me and my mum was in Sainsburys 'As you do ya'know' and it was raining slightly as we entered the store but after gathering a few bits the rain (Well we thought it was rain ! o: ) Absolutely leathered it down ! and you could not even here anyone talking i couldn't even hear my mum and she was stood right next to me 'well as you would expect haha !'
     Then the power went off and the lights was flickering and i assume the tills went down aswell there was even rain coming in from the roof ! :0
In the end we had to leave our shopping and all the customers had to leave !

So as you know I'm a newbie if you could be very lovely people please comment to let me know what you think if my blog !! and how you stumbled across it ?.

It would be really nice for me to hear your views and if you like leave me suggestions of what posts you would like to see from me. Maybe a 'Whats in my bag?' or my 'Monthly favorites' please comment and hope you enjoy my ramblings on ! :D